Justin Campbell

As native of Detroit, MI, I grew up being youngest of three in an educationally driven family. I began working with the youth of Detroit in 2001 as a counselor for the People’s I Am Loveable And Capable (IALAC) Summer Program. I worked closely with the executive and program director until I was asked to be the Assistant Director/Behavior Specialist in 2010. Working extensively with the youth led me to obtain a B.S. in Secondary education and Mathematics with a minor in Communications. After College, I was promoted to Director of the IALAC program while working for Phoenix Elementary School District as a middle school mathematics instructor during the scholastic year. In 2013, I was asked to join the administration team for Michigan’s Methodist youth program where I noticed a lack in cultural competency and understanding of the youth. Upon returning to teach for the following school year, I also began to recognize a need for better prepared educators in the schools. Wanting more time to focus on preparing and developing our stakeholders to effectively work with students, I stepped away from teaching, began working for Pearson Education and founded The Urban Connection Project, where we believe some of the greatest minds in the world are waiting to be discovered, molded and encouraged. I believe it takes a village to raise a child, which is why I am committed to helping to prepare that village to bring up a new generation of success.


Advisory Board

Kristen Campbell

My educational journey began long before I could even recognize my calling in the experiences I was afforded through my mother's passion in education. Whether it was assisting in her classroom at school, her Sunday School classroom at church, etc. I started to slowly ignite my own passion for the education of our youth. My collegiate experience at Michigan State University in a specified urban cohort majoring in Elementary Education with a teaching major of Language Arts, allowed me to begin refining my passion and truly etching a craft in creating the "urban connection" in order to promote student success. I was able to foster that understanding as I served as Assistant Director of the People's IALAC Summer program for a three years. I have also strengthened my craft as a teacher of both lower and upper elementary, in both Detroit, Michigan and Phoenix, Arizona. Most recently I taught the contents of Language Arts and Social Studies, where I was able to assist my students to achieve note-worthy growth on state assessments and find passion and inspiration in their own success. I have also gained valuable experience leading an inner-city school through my Masters of Education Administration program, completed at Grand Canyon University. All of these experiences have led me to believe in this project so much because it completely encompasses my passion for raising up future leaders and innovators, who care about their futures and the world around them. I have whole-heartedly dedicated myself to helping educators recognize, cultivate and connect with greatness within their students.

We regularly consult and seek advisement from veterans in the field of education in order to better position ourselves as a source of support and advisement for the teachers and administrators that we service. Our advisory board currently consists of three members who have all spent 35+ years as educators, respectively, and as a result, have a diverse collection of experiences to help guide us towards the path of success in respect to school reforms. You will repeat history if you do not learn from it, therefore, we respect the wisdom that our advisory board team brings to the table. 

Elaine Zackery

Special Education Consultant for Kalamazoo Public School District

Ronald Blevins, Sr.

Retired Administrator for Vernor Primary School in Detroit, MI

Terrye Blevins

Retired Administrator for Cesar Chavez Middle School in Detroit, MI