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The Customizable Experience

Through the lens of four components that exemplify Culturally Responsive Teaching, we are able to customize our services to fit the needs of each teacher, administrator and school. The four components that encompass our work are Cultural AwarenessSystems, Relationships, & Rigorous and Accessible Content. This holistic approach will ultimately increase student achievement and teacher retention, while decreasing the need for teacher-led disciplinary action; a win-win situation!   


We work with the school, district or college of education personnel to review data, as well as perform our own assessment to determine the needs of the school in order to provide focused and detailed services. These services can range from professional development sessions to classroom observations with follow-up meetings, to administrative support, etc. for the purpose of growing teachers & leaders to new heights of pedagogical practices. We pride ourselves on fully immersing our organization into the culture and climate of the school/organization, creating a sense of camaraderie and comfort with our teachers and administrators. 

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