​Raising the Odds of Success through Culturally Responsive Teaching

The AZ Spartans are a part of our registered Non-Profit company titled UCP Community Outreach Inc.

This team focuses on academic and social progression just as heavily as basketball in order to ensure that our players are growing in all facets of life. To participate, players must sign and agree to a contract stating grade and conduct requirements. We take students from across the city of Phoenix and show them the work ethic necessary to accomplish their basketball goals, while also instilling principles of perseverance, passion and business preparation to successfully help them transition to adulthood. We include the students in the entire process to show them the consistency, sacrifice and drive it takes to pursue your passion. 

We aim to build on the success our team had last year by expanding our team to two teams and taking them even further in their progression. We finished last year's season winning four trophies from various tournaments throughout the season, both in and out of state. Our players experienced life lasting memories like going to Albuquerque, San Diego & Las Vegas, while developing a family bond that will never be broken.  

We appreciate every donation, whether big or small, as we continue to impact the lives of our future leaders. If you would like an official donation receipt from our Non-Profit for tax purposes, please let us know. Thank you and God Bless!

To donate, visit the link below: