Confessions of an Inner-City Teacher is a story compartmentalized into two Acts and eight sections titled "lessons." Each lesson contains important concepts the author learned, while teaching, that helped to develop his understanding for how to best reach inner-city students. Each lesson is followed by a "Self-Reflection" section that strategically asks mind-probing questions that allow the reader to translate the lesson into personal growth. 

Act 1: Finding My Place as an Educator
     Lesson 1: The Presence of Hope
     Lesson 2: Draw Upon Your Own Experiences
     Lesson 3: Research Your Clientele
     Lesson 4: Strengthening Classroom Management

Act 2: Then I Met Mr. Mantle
     Lesson 5: Setting Up Your Classroom for Success
     Lesson 6: Systems to Implement
     Lesson 7: Strategies to Avoid
     Lesson 8: If You Fail to Prepare, You Are Prepared to Fail

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Confessions of an Inner-City Teacher

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